Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nominate Your Favourite Charity

Would you like Scattergoods to donate to your chosen charity this Christmas?

To help those less fortunate than ourselves, each year at Christmas, Scattergoods Agency has chosen charities to donate to as part of our company policy of corporate responsibility.

Catering Staff Serving Food in Canteen

In previous years, recipients have traditionally been decided by votes from our staff. Some of the charities we have supported recently are:

  • St Christopher’s Children’s Hospice in Guildford

  • Treloars Trust in Alton

  • Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford

  • The Rainbow Trust in Leatherhead

  • Save the Children

  • Cancer Research UK
This year we wish to change how we decide on our company charitable donations, and want to ask you for your nominations.

Please help us to choose our designated charities for 2016.

I personally wish to invite all of our workers, clients, staff and our business contacts to have personal input into which charities the company contributes to. You do not have to work with or for Scattergoods, but the fact you are reading this shows we are connected in some way and, therefore, your input is valued.

Please contact me via the form on our website with your choice of UK based charity.   The charity does not have to work solely in the United Kingdom, it can operate worldwide.

Please explain why you would like Scattergoods to support this charity; tell us how they helped you or family or give a personal reason for your choice.

Nominations for your chosen charity will close at midnight on the 31st of December 2015.  We will announce the selected charities on our website on 15th January 2016.  We can then make arrangements to contact all the successful sponsors, and for Scattergoods to present our donation in person to their nominated charities.

Contact us now. You can make a difference to a cause that is important to you!  You can ensure that our donation goes to a charity whose good work and future projects can continue to make a difference, helped out by a donation from Scattergoods Agency.

Andrew Vicos

Managing Director